Buyer’s Guide Enterprise Project Management

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Buyer’s Guide Enterprise Project Management


Last year, only 56 percent of organizations’ strategic initiatives met their original goals or business intent.1
The challenges of managing enterprise-scale projects are innumerable: complexity, scale, dispersion of labor, and a high degree of risk are a few of the most common.

Luckily, large companies have the capital and the data infrastructure to support enterprise-scale solutions. Many of these companies have turned to project management (PM) software specifically geared to enterprise use—usually referred to as project and portfolio management (PPM) software. Recent forecasts predict the PPM software market will grow from $2.3 billion to almost $4 billion by 2019.2

Project and portfolio management software is an invaluable tool for managing the demands of enterprise projects. This guide will articulate some common applications of PPM software and compare four leading products to help you make an informed purchase.