Guide To Sales Competition Sales Platforms

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Guide To Sales Competition Sales Platforms


Sales competitions have been a staple of sales team motivation for decades. With the advent of CRMs and computer tracking programs, managers gained the ability to track and tie rewards to a whole range of actions. These metrics include the amount of time it takes a salesperson to follow up with a new lead (especially important for inbound teams), how many meetings are being scheduled each week, or how close a salesperson is to meeting their quota.

Most sales competitions are still based around the concept of a leaderboard, tied to certain performance indicators (or KPIs). The recent rise of gamification has expanded the scope and effectiveness of sales competitions, allowing managers to provide new, variable incentives and real-time feedback. Some platforms plug directly into company’s existing CRM programs, while others exist as flexible, web-based apps that can be linked to metrics by a custom API.

Understanding the common features of sales contest platforms,
and their benefits, can help you decide on which solution is right
for you.