System Comparison Guide Gamification Apps for Salesforce

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System Comparison Guide Gamification Apps for Salesforce


Maybe you’ve heard the news about gamification—how it’s spreading like wildfire among thought leaders and developers, how it turns the mundane into the engaging, or how it’s reshaping many aspects of the way people do business in the twenty-first century.

Prominent companies such as Nike, T-Mobile, MLB, Ford, and eBay have already launched major gamification campaigns, and research firm Gartner predicts that almost half of Global 1000 corporations will use gamification as “the primary mechanism to transform business operations” by next year.

Maybe you know this already. Maybe you saw some of the gamified products at the recent Dreamforce conference and your interest is piqued, but you aren’t sure how to implement such a solution. How does one “gamify” a sales team, for instance?