The Future of Business Intelligence Software

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The Future of Business Intelligence Software

Executive Summary

The business intelligence (BI) software market is unique. Unlike other IT verticals that are user-oriented, business intelligence is focused on a broader picture—that is, the tomes of data about customers, sales, and operational workflows that are being created and archived every day.

BI software often requires specialized technical training to operate, and its pricing, scale, and complexity have traditionally made it accessible only to large enterprises. In recent years, the market has reflected this truth, totaling roughly $14.4 billion in 2013, up only eight percent from the previous year. Though there is certainly revenue flowing in, that’s not theviral growth rate you might find in a trendier sector such as human resource

But the tide is changing. Cloud-based software has brought BI tools within the realm of possibility for businesses of every size. The market is poised for growth – but when? And how?