The DataSafe Cloud: 6 core benefits of a secure cloud

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The DataSafe Cloud: 6 core benefits of a secure cloud

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Your customer concerns may have centered around whether or not the cloud itself was secure: Can we trust the cloud with our data? Are we increasing our exposure to risk by migrating to the cloud? But over time, the conversation has changed. Concerns are no longer about whether or not the cloud is secure… Read more »

What they don’t want you to know about the cloud

EXECUTIVE OVERVIEW Some old guard technologists don’t want you to learn the truth about the cloud. It might be because they’re unsure of what it means for them. Or it might be because they have a pretty big interest in keeping IT working the way it works now. We think you should know the facts, so… Read more »

Guide to Cloud Based CRM Software

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY With the sales and customer service force increasingly working from mobile sites or in different offices, companies are recognizing the need for better remote collaboration tools. Following this trend, cloud-based CRMs have grown in popularity. Salesforce, the largest CRM in the market, offers only cloud-based deployment. Cloud software also offers other advantages over… Read more »

Guide to Data Warehousing

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Implementing a data warehouse is a strong step toward managing data on an enterprise level, either for management purposes or business intelligence efforts. Some believe that popular Hadoop cluster systems will supersede data warehouses altogether, but, as elaborated on in the Hadoop Integration section of this guide, Hadoop’s applications are distinct from, and… Read more »