System Comparison Guide Gamification Apps for Salesforce

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System Comparison Guide Gamification Apps for Salesforce

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Maybe you’ve heard the news about gamification—how it’s spreading like wildfire among thought leaders and developers, how it turns the mundane into the engaging, or how it’s reshaping many aspects of the way people do business in the twenty-first century. Prominent companies such as Nike, T-Mobile, MLB, Ford, and eBay have already launched… Read more »

The Future of Business Intelligence Software

Executive Summary The business intelligence (BI) software market is unique. Unlike other IT verticals that are user-oriented, business intelligence is focused on a broader picture—that is, the tomes of data about customers, sales, and operational workflows that are being created and archived every day. BI software often requires specialized technical training to operate, and its… Read more »

Top 3 Wireless Security Concerns for Business

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Business IT infrastructure used to be a tangible environment, consisting of hardwired desktop computers, server racks, and bundles of wires snaked throughout the office. But innovations in cloud, mobile, and technology have made the workplace increasingly virtual. Almost every business has been quick to adopt wireless technology, but not as many have the… Read more »

What IT Should Be Doing But Isn’t

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Information Technology’s role in the workplace is changing. Today’s employees are increasingly tech independent. They bring their own mobile devices and laptops to work and favor cloud-based apps over legacy systems that rely on  storage and onpremise servers. As a result, more and more products designed with the consumer in mind – not… Read more »

5 Biggest BYOD Risks

In this exclusive CTO Advice white paper, it provides IT executives with an overview of BYOD security concerns and privacy issues, as well as tips for developing a BYOD strategy that mitigates those risks while giving employees freedom of choice.

Security in the Public Cloud

Moving data to a public cloud essentially places it in a multi-tenant model, where clients share both cloud resources as well as security risks. Cloud services providers often have formidable security measures in place, but it remains imperative that cloud users perform their due diligence and consider how they can strengthen their security measures.

Kubernetes vs. OpenShift — What’s the Difference?

Given the unprecedented growth of the container ecosystem in the past few years, it’s inevitable that there is confusion in the marketplace. In particular, there are questions about the difference between Kubernetes and the Red Hat OpenShift platform. This white paper covers key topics including: What are the differences in core technologies and feature sets… Read more »

Networking Superpowers for the Cloud Ninja

Amazon Web Services has transformed how we think of IT infrastructure. It takes minutes to set up elastic compute and storage. As you grow, turning up EC2 instances, VPCs, and AWS services is akin to acquiring more ninja weapons; practice is needed to gain proficiency. With legions of compute and capacity a button-push away, the… Read more »

Why 9 out of 10 people prefer Epson projectors

Based on a third party study made by Radius Global Market Research of nearly 900 US participants, 9 out of 10 participants preferred images from 3LCD models of projectors when tested against 1-chip projectors. The equal white and colour light output lumens of 3LCD projectors produce much more vibrant images compared to 1-chip projectors which… Read more »

DISPLAY SIZE MATTERS: With Epson, you see more content, in more detail

When you’re choosing the right display for your business, there’s a lot to consider. One of the first questions you might ask is: Do I need an all in one meeting room solution, a whiteboard or a flat panel? Achieving the optimum display, with the correct visibility, is critical to getting the most from your… Read more »