Guide to Employee Engagement

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Guide to Employee Engagement

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY If you think of gamification as “the application of game elements in non-game contexts,” then employee engagement gamification is the application of game elements to different aspects of the employee relationship. Employee engagement can mean a number of different things for different organizations. For some, it might mean increasing sales, while for others… Read more »

Buyer’s Guide Enterprise Project Management

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Last year, only 56 percent of organizations’ strategic initiatives met their original goals or business intent.1 The challenges of managing enterprise-scale projects are innumerable: complexity, scale, dispersion of labor, and a high degree of risk are a few of the most common. Luckily, large companies have the capital and the data infrastructure to… Read more »

Buyer’s Guide ERP Software

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This Buyer’s Guide will detail the current enterprise resource planning (ERP) market by looking at current trends and historical factors. You’ll also find analysis of ERP products for enterprise, midmarket, and small businesses as well as case studies for market leading products.

Guide to Gamified Employee Training Software

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Employee training programs are a necessity for specialized industries. Finance companies, manufacturing plants, and education are just a few of the areas where formal, on-the-job training and continued education are required. However, employees are often less than enthusiastic about these sessions. Continued education or leadership training suffers from even lower engagement rates than… Read more »

Build Your Team: Tips for Hiring Foreign Workers

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY As the demand grows for ubiquitous, around-the-clock IT talent, hiring beyond restricted geographic areas has become an attractive option for many tech companies. Roughly 55 percent of CIOs now use remote-workers, according to recent data. Expanding job searches overseas can provide access to a higher volume of skilled labor at lower overhead and… Read more »

How Small Data Can Help Your Business Intelligence Efforts

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY In the age of “Big Data,” an increasingly common question is whether there’s any benefit to small data, especially for companies without massive IT infrastructures. The answer is absolutely. Data doesn’t have to be massive to provide value to businesses. This white paper will examine what exactly small data is, as well as… Read more »

How to Manage IT for Millennials

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY A “millennial,” loosely defined, is a person born between 1980 and 2000, although opinions vary on the exact range. Recent census data shows there are over 80 million millennials in the United States, and those of age are entering the workforce in droves. Millennials will comprise about 75 percent of the entire workforce… Read more »

Buyer’s Guide to Marketing Automation

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Because it seeks to serve as the central repository for marketing and sales data, a marketing automation tool can be a particularly complex piece of software. Therefore, the selection process can be difficult as well. This guide examines the marketing automation industry and profiles leaders in specific market segments to supply you with… Read more »

Business Intelligence & Preventing Customer Churn

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Data mining has been a hot topic for years, but most analysts tend to focus on the manipulation of data as an object—i.e. how businesses can keep their data updated, view it in real time, or organize their data. And yet, 85 percent of Fortune 500 companies will fail to exploit big data… Read more »

Guide To Sales Competition Sales Platforms

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Sales competitions have been a staple of sales team motivation for decades. With the advent of CRMs and computer tracking programs, managers gained the ability to track and tie rewards to a whole range of actions. These metrics include the amount of time it takes a salesperson to follow up with a new… Read more »